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One Rx card

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your most frequently asked questions about the OneRx Card Prescription Discount Card.

Q: What is OneRx card?

A: OneRx card is a discount card offered through WellDyne. With your OneRx prescription discount card, you’ll gain access to discounts on a wide variety of health and wellness products and services at reduced costs.


Q: How do I get a OneRx card?

A: Fill out the registration form on our Request Card page to get your OneRx prescription discount card today.


Q: Is my OneRx insurance?

A: No. This is a free program and is NOT insurance. Non-prescription, medical equipment, and over-the-counter products are not included in this program. The prescription discount program is not an insurance plan or program that covers prescription drug costs or arranges for prescription services. Prescriptions may be filled at any pharmacy; however, the prescription discount card program provides a discount only at participating pharmacies. Void where prohibited by law. This is not a Medicare Part D prescription program, and it cannot be used in conjunction with any third-party payor program, including Medicaid and Worker’s Compensation.


Q: What can I use my OneRx card for?

A: You can use your card for discounts on prescriptions


Q: How does OneRx work?

A: Show your OneRx card or screenprint of the card at the pharmacy with your prescripiton. Pay the discounted rate at the time of service or upon receipt of your prescription. If you are unsure how to proceed, call WellDyne at 800-562-9625.


Q: How do I find a participating pharmacy?

A: Use the "Drug Prices” tab and search for the drug and zip code of the pharmacy that you are interested in.


Q: How soon can I use my card to start saving money?

A: Your card can be used immediately.


Q: Are all members of my household included on my card?

A: Yes. Your card can be used by all of your family members and for your pets.


Q: Is my information kept private?

A: Yes. WellDyne and the prescription and health care discount card are HIPAA compliant.


Get a card and start saving today! Enrolling is quick and easy.

OneRxCard Powered by WellDyne is accepted at major pharmacies nationwide.